Center for Sexual and Gender Affirmation


September 04, 2015

About This Project

SAGA or the Center for Sexual and Gender Affirmation provides LGBT services and resources to the students and alumni/ae at Duke University as well as being a key resource to the city’s LGBT community. SAGA offers a unique LGBT experience through community events as well as a state-recognized education program.


The brand explores the combination of fun and approachable while maintaining a professional expression. The SAGA brand is inspired by metaphors of community envisioned from the cnidaria (or commonly known as the jellyfish). Some cnidaria are comprised of a colony of organisms that work together in harmony for survival and reproduction. While harmonious politics are not always the case with the LGBT community, the metaphors and imagery of the brand resonate with SAGA’s vision for collective benefit and consciousness, a goal that most in the LGBT community aspire towards. The end result of our branding work positions SAGA as not just a leader of LGBT services but as an advocate for solidarity in a very diverse, multi-faceted community.